Bandit Kettle Corn travels around the great Northwest popping kettle corn in the classic style; a little sweet, a little salty. You can normally find us in downtown Portland on the weekends. Just follow your nose.

We’re obsessed with popping the best possible kettle corn. Thus we use gourmet ingredients and old kettle wisdom to create the lightest, fluffiest kettle corn you may have ever tasted.

People always ask about our attire! “Why do you dress up like pioneers/cowboys/blacksmiths?” The answer is that it looks good and is highly functional. Since we use an open kettle, hot kernels fly out as we’re cooking and the garb keeps us safe.

In addition to our obsession with making the best kettle corn out there, we make sure your experience with us is memorable. Our equipment is all rustic and completely authentic. Our kettle comes from a long tradition of kettle makers on the east coast. People are always amazed by the large copper bowl we use to catch the hot kettle corn when we dump out each fresh batch.

You can smell our kettle corn a city block away. After each batch, we ring our cowbell to make sure everyone know is it’s hot and ready!

To book us for your next event, head over to our contact page and call or email the Head Bandit.